Psycho Psychic

Her clairvoyance, an annoyance,
Her inkling, on the blink;
Her perception, a deception--
All her instincts, stink.

©Charles Ghigna

Food Fare

A restaurant choice?
Take my advice;
The lower the lights,
The higher the price.

*  *  *

House Rules

Most marriages these days will last
(If you should ask most any spouse)
Directly in proportion to
The distance from your in-laws’ house.

©Charles Ghigna

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is here at last,
I wonder if I may
Be getting what I got last year--
The bills from Mother’s Day!

©Charles Ghigna

Manners Matter

Downton Abbey, save our souls,
Bring back civility;
Style, grace, and savoir faire--
The way things used to be?

©Charles Ghigna

Accident Prone

Most accidents occur at home,
A very simple truth;
But many more also occur
Inside the voting booth.

©Charles Ghigna

Edgar Allan Poe
Author and Poet
Born in Boston, Massachusetts, January 19, 1809,
Poe became well-known for his mysterious tales and poetry. 
Two of his most popular works are the poem “The Raven” 
and the short story “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

The critics were unkind to Poe.
His life was short and sad.
His lust for drink led some to think
That he was Raven mad.

* * *

Claude Monet
Born in Paris, France, November 14, 1840,
Monet was the founder of French Impressionism.
One of his most famous paintings is Water Lilies.

The water lilies of Monet
Drift upon a canvas bay.
A master of his profession,
He made a good Impression.

* * *

T. S. Eliot
Born in St. Louis, Missouri, September 26, 1888,
Eliot was a poet who wrote long poems with lots of footnotes.
One of his most famous poems is "The Waste Land."

Eliot was under the delusion
That everything’s an allusion.
Each line from T. S.
Requires a P.S.

* * *

Ogden Nash
Light Verse Poet
Born in Rye, New York, August 19, 1902,
Nash published his funny little poems in The New Yorker.
One of his most famous is "The Turtle."

Again I study and rehearse
Each measure of your pithy verse,
But since I fail to be as terse
I wish that you had done it worse.

©Charles Ghigna
Illustrations ©John Caldwell